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Everyone’s property needs are different, let us plan what’s right for YOU and YOUR FAMILY with a personalized maintenance package.




Maintaining your irrigation system should be on your SPRING TO DO list each year and then once more during the middle of summer. Maintaining your irrigation system is important so you can minimize wasting water, reduce pollution due to run off and make sure your system is applying the correct amount of water. Leaks can occur due to weather, shovels or other sharp tools, tree roots, lawn mowers, your friendly four legged friends and normal wear and tear. Some large leaks are obvious, however smaller leaks may not be, therefore going undetected if not well maintained. Clogged nozzles, seal leaks, sunken or tilted heads are some of the many items we would inspect each visit.

Winterizing, also known has a sprinkler system blow-out, is another very important step of irrigation maintenance. You have to go further than just draining the water out of your irrigation system, or it will remain and will most likely freeze, expand, and crack your piping leading to costly repairs come spring! We use an air compressor with a CFM rating of 80-100 for any mainline, please be aware a small shop compressor will not have enough free air to properly winterize a system, hence leaving water still in the pipes to freeze over the winter. Call us to avoid the dangers involved with winterizing systems.

Or Get the most out of your system this season! Call us at 720-855-3964




WATER-FEATURE maintenance is very important in order achieve clean and clear water quality. Water waste is another key issue we see if not maintained well enough. Let us clean and set-up your pond and/or water-feature to make it perform like new again if not better. Call us at 720-855-3964




Weed control is an important aspect to keeping your lawn areas looking great! We do pre-emergent weed control in the spring, killing the weeds before they get control of your lawn. We then recommend applying weed control every 5-6 weeks to stay on top of your lawn areas. Fall treatments knock out both annual and perennial weeds and can actually be the key to killing established perennial invaders such as dandelion and clover. (Starts at $25)


only occur when there is a proper balance of water and air in the macro and micro pores of the root zone. AERATION helps to open these pores which allow sufficient drainage and air movement. (Starts at $35)
Our aerators pull 4” plugs of dirt from your lawn unlike some that are 2” or 3”. By removing plugs of soil, aeration reduces compaction, helps break down the thatch layer, and opens up the soil, which will improve fertilizer, air and water penetration. Starts at $40.00



Removes the accumulation of dead grass and root material from your lawn to allow more air and water into the soil for a healthier and greener lawn. We will rake up and remove any debris from the yard. Power raking works best if completed by mid April or done in the late fall. Starts at $74.00



is another important lawn care practice, as it influences grass color, the ability to recover from stress, and helps prevent weed invasions and disease. There is a tremendous difference in the brand of fertilizer you choose to apply; we only use the very best!

We follow the CSU recommended amount of fertilizer of five fertilizations starting at the beginning of spring (March/May/July/September/Early November). We use top of the line dry granular fertilizers that are mixed specifically for this region unlike our competition who may use a generic Home Depot type fertilizer made for the whole nation. The first two spring treatments have a weed pre-emergent which prevents old weeds from emerging and in August we add a treatment of iron which really helps produce a thick green grass in the hottest part of the year. We also offer a Revive treatment late summer, which helps the grass retain moisture and helps develop sturdy, healthy root systems naturally. We recommend that this be done after aerations that allow more of the material to get down deep. All of our fertilizers are people and pet friendly.   Five fertilizations begin at $150.00.



As needed we will use a Broadleaf weed killer that is safe to use on turf to kill all of the broadleaf weeds in you lawn. We then will use a herbicide similar to Round-Up Pro to kill all weeds in any concrete or asphalt driveways, gravel areas, walks, as well as some fence lines, ETC. Average cost is $35 for the lawn and your concrete areas.



When the leaves have fallen we will clean all areas of your property that you desire including raking out all gardens, under and around bushes, your driveway, and the yard. We will send 2-3 guys over to rake the leaves. Charges are $45 an hour per man; in some cases there may be a Dump Fee.



: We will turn on the sprinkler system, reset the controller, check the pop-up, rotary heads and drip systems. $79.00 hr.



Appointments will be made to winterize your sprinkler system. Charges are $54.50 for the first 4 zones then $4 a zone after that.




You have some beautiful healthy plants …………. now what? Unsure of how to care for them after we have planted and irrigated them? Our Master Gardeners are experts when it comes to plant material. They know each plants many different needs, where, when and how to prune them, disease control and water amounts. Plants are a living organism and cannot be left unattended; they need food, water and air just like we do!

The basis of PHC is a pro-active holistic approach to preventive maintenance by promoting those practices that improve the plants health. Healthy plants are less affected by and recover quicker from problems that may arise resulting in happy, healthy plants for less money. We will come over weekly or bi-weekly to perform various plant health care services including fertilizing, treating for bug and insect or disease infestations as needed. Pesticides are applied only when pest or disease are present, the potential exists, and only to the affected plants. We will also pull weeds, trim your hedges and shrubs, and dead-head any flowers that require it. $69 man hour.

Have your plants look their best! Call us at 720-855-3964 720-855-3964




Denver Landscapes is ready for it, we track snow storms minute by minute as they move into the Denver area ensuring that we are prepared before the snow even starts flying 24 hours a day with a prompt and safe service.

  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Sand/Salt applications
  • Ice removal

Denver Landscapes is here to keep your business running safely during the worst of Denver’s winter weather, sit back and stay warm; we’ll take care of you!

Snow removal services will be done only on a contractual hourly basis and includes shoveling your driveway, all walks and steps, and your entry in a very timely manner. We will start at 2:00 am or after 1 inch or more of snow has fallen to begin a shift, if by the time we finish our route an additional 1 inch has fallen we will return to shovel your property again. We will bill only for the time spent on your yard and each additional service will be billed only as performed. Snow removals will be billed $35 per hour with a one hour minimum for each snow.

We have a dedicated crew for our residential customers unlike others whose residential customers must wait until their commercial jobs are done. Because we do commercial work however we also have a sander, ice-slicer, ice melt, salt & sand mixes, and magnesium chloride are also available, however; we will do nothing but shovel for you unless you specifically request an additional service. Of course you may add or remove any additional service at any time.


Front end loader – $225.00 per hour (3 hour minimum)

Hand Shoveling – $39.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Truck with 8’ snow plow – $140.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Snow Blower – $49.00 per hour (1 hour minimum)

Ice melt – $40.00 per 50 lbs applied

Skid Steer – $175.00 per hour (3 hour minimum)

Salt / sand mixtures – $50.00 per ton applied

Dump Truck to haul off snow – $90.00 per hour

Ice Slicer – $260.00 per ton

Truck to apply salt/sand/ice – $95.00 per hour

Salt/sand/ice Melt/magnesium chloride – $95.00 per ton

Have Denver Landscapes build your dream.