Landscape Design Process

Denver Landscapes creates beautiful, functional designs in Denver and the surrounding areas. Our successful landscape projects start with a brief conversation to clarify client goals, budgets and timelines. Denver Landscapes works to meet these ideals and move the project into the 7-step design process.

Step 1: Initial On-site Consultation

Denver Landscapes provides clients with a complimentary, initial consultation to establish a project platform. A designer will meet at your Denver area home to discuss your goals, concerns, and budget. Sharing specific household needs and wants helps us establish a design direction.

This initial on-site consultation will also discuss permit requirements. Denver Landscapes wants to stick to your desired timeline. Determining plot survey and ILC (Improvement Location Certificate) requirements helps us build your dream landscape sooner.

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Step 2: Design Agreement and Questionnaire

A design contract solidifies the project and ensures that each client receives full rights to their design. Denver Landscapes bills hourly for design instead of flat rate. We believe that every project is unique and should be tailored as such. We also separate the design and construction services in order to give clients exactly what they need.

Great designs start with good communication. The client questionnaire helps us craft a design specific to your wants and needs. With your detailed input, Denver Landscapes is one step closer to designing your dream landscape.

Step 3: Survey/Site Analysis

Before breaking ground on a landscape project, homeowners must submit a Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) or a PIN Survey. City requirements differ based on the project size. A surveyor (insert a link here to a list of surveyors?) can expedite this process by providing accurate site analysis. Denver Landscapes will then compare their survey with our site analysis to verify elevations and effectively control water runoff.

Step 4: Concept/Preliminary Design

In this step, Denver Landscapes presents an initial plan with photos or sketches. This preliminary design can be presented at the clients’ convenience in person or electronically. Design feedback is highly encouraged at this stage. Client input ensures proper direction with the design as well as maintain the desired timeframe and budget.

Step 5: Design Presentation

A complete, personalized design is presented to the client. The comprehensive project plan includes all requested and recommended components as well as cost projections. Generally this stage is the final step and formalizes the contract cost.

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Step 6: Revisions

Denver Landscapes strives for perfection. In order to present every client with the best design, some revisions may be necessary.

Step 7: Final Plan Presentation

This detailed plan drawing will showcase everything within the property boundary. Hardscape and planting plans are included. The outdoor kitchen, water feature(s), deck(s), pergola, patio(s), fire element(s), sprinkler system, and planting plan are shown in detail. Congratulations! You are on your way to constructing your dream landscape!

Once the design plans are finalized, Denver Landscapes will share their construction proposal. This will cover estimated labor and material costs associated with your project. The design contract is closed and billed accordingly. A separate construction contract will be presented.

When you choose Denver Landscapes for the design and construction of your project, the transformation is seamless. The project designer becomes the project manager to ensure that every detail is followed. During the construction phase, clients can sit back and relax as their yard is transformed into an outdoor masterpiece. Our high construction insurance policy covers any mishaps that may arise. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered for a stress-free construction process.

Once the installation is complete, we perform a final walk through and provide aftercare tips. In order to ensure the longevity of your new landscape, we send out a detailed information packet regarding on-going care. We want clients to be 110% satisfied with their landscapes so please do not hesitate to reach out to Denver Landscapes with any issues or on-going maintenance needs.

Have Denver Landscapes build your dream.

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