Add timeless beauty and interest to your environment with an elegant oasis that enhances your outdoor living space while bringing in the sounds of nature. Cascading waterfalls, flowing streams, tranquil ponds and bubbling fountains naturally transform the landscape into an enticing sanctuary with life and motion that invites exploration. Yes they can be big and bold but we can also size them to better fit your lifestyle and space.


Imagine a lush landscape that is both beautiful and functional with year round interest of color and texture. Denver Landscapes will create a thoughtfully designed planting plan of shade and ornamental trees, evergreen and blooming shrubs, colorful perennials, ornamental grasses and flowering ground covers. Decorative pots strategically placed for annual and seasonal color are added elements with high impact and low maintenance when properly designed.


Outdoor kitchens are the centerpieces of your dining experience that become the destination for entertaining family and friends. Grill islands complete with side burners, smoker, pizza oven, refrigerator, an all-weather TV, surround sound system, and mood lighting expand your home into an exceptional outdoor space while offering one of the higher returns on your investment.


Fireplaces and firepits become the center of attention at any outdoor gathering. they create the perfect opportunity to enjoy the evening while gathered around the mesmerizing flames of a cozy fire. The ambiance of a warm and welcoming focal point adds drama in the landscape while providing warmth, light and great atmosphere for relaxing conversation well into the night. Fire has become one of our most requested items while offering a great return on investment.


Retaining walls add flair and functionality by refining grades to reshape your land beautifully while controlling erosion and creating usable spaces. To create a sense of enclosure and visual separation between your patio and surrounding landscape, a seatwall will upgrade your outdoor space with additional seating. Pillars are the finishing touch that can be used for night lighting, additional shelving and storage, bases for planters or house numbers and mailboxes at the approach to your front entrance.


Expand your interior living space to an exceptional outdoor environment with a custom concrete, stone or paver patio. Created with your individual needs and existing architecture in mind, Denver Landscapes will enhance your property’s value with a cohesive, inviting patio design.


Add warmth and structure to your landscape with the addition of beautifully designed area of custom woodwork. Decks, kitchen cabinetry, firepits, pergolas, arbors, trellis, fencing and raised vegetable planters are important elements that create vertical interest and define the various areas of your outdoor environment.